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Reflecting on the Gambling Commission's activities in the last year and what the future might hold for gambling regulation in Great Britain

This summer the gambling industry has had some insight into what the Gambling Commission's current and future priorities are when it comes to regulation. This came in the form of the Gambling Commission's Annual Report for 2015/16 and Philip Graf's departing speech as Chairman of the Gambling Commission at the RSA in July. Both of these provide some insight into what we can expect to see in the coming year and it is apparent that issues around protecting consumers are likely to remain at the forefront of the Gambling Commission's mind. As (in the words of Graf)  gambling becomes a "normalised" activity it is interesting to look at how the Gambling Commission hopes to engage and work with operators to protect consumers in an ever more digitalised world.  The threat of tougher enforcement action against operators and personal licence holders also looms on the horizon.

24 August 2016


Gender pay gap reporting – draft regulations still awaited

It has been reported that the Government has delayed publication of the final draft regulations which will require an employer with at least 250 "relevant employees" to publish an annual report containing data on the differences in pay of its male and female employees (see here for our earlier update).

17 August 2016

Data Protection

IT and DP Newsletter Summer Edition 2016

This is the new edition of our newsletter on the latest legal topics, decisions and events in the technology sector for Germany

11 August 2016

Gambling advertising

Health Lottery criticised by ASA for misleading comparison with Lotto

The UK's Advertising Standards Authority ("ASA") has ruled against Health Lottery ELM Ltd ("Health Lottery") for implying in its TV ad that it has more winners than Lotto (the National Lottery), without having empirical data to substantiate such a claim. 

09 August 2016

CMA publishes pricing guidance for suppliers and online retailers

In May 2016 the CMA published two infringement decisions in which it imposed fines in the commercial catering equipment and bathroom fittings sectors.  In each case the fine related to illegal price fixing between a supplier and a retailer, whereby the supplier had imposed a minimum price for the online sale of its goods by the retailer, so-called 'resale price maintenance' or RPM.  

01 August 2016

Competition & Regulatory

European Commission imposes record fines on truck producers after cartel settlement

On 19 July 2016, the European Commission (the "Commission") announced the imposition of record breaking fines totalling €2.93 billion on four major truck producers for their participation in a cartel which coordinated pricing of trucks sold in the European Union (the "EU") over a 14 year period.

27 July 2016


Anti-oral variation clauses: the value of a red herring?

Anti-oral variation clauses are commonly included by parties in commercial contracts, often as boilerplate provisions which are not given a huge amount of drafting attention.  Such clauses seek to prevent the parties from making any subsequent changes to the agreement unless those changes are mutually agreed in writing and signed by the parties.  Put another way, the parties are trying to nullify the effectiveness of any subsequent amendments made either orally or by way of conduct.

27 July 2016


High Court refuses anti-suit injunction based on arbitration clause due to delay

In Asia-Pacific Trading Pte Ltd (formerly known as Toepfer International Asia Pte Ltd) v PT Budi Semesta Satria [2016] EWHC 1427 (Comm), the High Court held that delay on the part of the applicant could be adequate cause for refusing an anti-suit injunction, even where the respondent acknowledged there was an arguable case that it had breached an arbitration clause by bringing proceedings overseas.

27 July 2016

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