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Competition & Regulatory

European Commission imposes record fines on truck producers after cartel settlement

On 19 July 2016, the European Commission (the "Commission") announced the imposition of record breaking fines totalling €2.93 billion on four major truck producers for their participation in a cartel which coordinated pricing of trucks sold in the European Union (the "EU") over a 14 year period.

27 July 2016


Anti-oral variation clauses: the value of a red herring?

Anti-oral variation clauses are commonly included by parties in commercial contracts, often as boilerplate provisions which are not given a huge amount of drafting attention.  Such clauses seek to prevent the parties from making any subsequent changes to the agreement unless those changes are mutually agreed in writing and signed by the parties.  Put another way, the parties are trying to nullify the effectiveness of any subsequent amendments made either orally or by way of conduct.

27 July 2016


High Court refuses anti-suit injunction based on arbitration clause due to delay

In Asia-Pacific Trading Pte Ltd (formerly known as Toepfer International Asia Pte Ltd) v PT Budi Semesta Satria [2016] EWHC 1427 (Comm), the High Court held that delay on the part of the applicant could be adequate cause for refusing an anti-suit injunction, even where the respondent acknowledged there was an arguable case that it had breached an arbitration clause by bringing proceedings overseas.

27 July 2016


Brexit and the new legal order

The elevation of Theresa May to prime minister may make much more likely the possibility of the UK becoming in some form a member of the European Economic Area, writes Dan Tench for The Times' The Brief...

14 July 2016

Placing digital adverts responsibly: new LCCP licence condition

The Gambling Commission has published the wording for a new licence condition to be included in its licence conditions and codes of practice (LCCP), prohibiting licensees from placing digital adverts on websites providing unauthorised access to copyrighted material.

13 July 2016

Restructuring & Insolvency

UK corporate insolvency law: The times they are a-changin'

Earlier this year, the Insolvency Service published a consultation paper on possible reforms to the UK's existing corporate insolvency regime (The Insolvency Service: A review of the corporate insolvency framework: A consultation on options for reform (May 2016)). The main impetus behind the proposed reforms is the Government's wish for the UK to remain at the forefront of insolvency best practice, in order to attract businesses. It believes it can achieve this by giving businesses the best possible chance to restructure their debts and return to profitability when experiencing financial struggles.

11 July 2016

Data Protection

Brexit: Implications for data protection law

For months, data protection lawyers have been warning businesses in the UK to make preparations for the pending General Data Protection Regulation (the "Regulation"), due to come into force in May 2018.  The Regulation provides for a ratcheting up of data protection obligations and a hefty new fining regime for breaches of these obligations of up to 4% of global turnover.

07 July 2016


After the vote: Issues for the Life Science Industry to Consider

With the UK voting to leave the European Union, we face an extended period of commercial and legal uncertainty.  For the moment, though, nothing has changed in the legal framework within which the industry operates, and it will not change in the immediate future... 

05 July 2016


Impact of Brexit on UK Telecoms

The UK's vote to leave the European Union on 23 June 2016 will have limited impact on the regulation of the UK telecoms sector for at least the next two years whilst the terms of Brexit are settled.

27 June 2016

A patent attorney on Brexit...

The UK has voted to remove itself from the ever tighter political union in Europe. It is likely to remain a full Member of the European Union (EU) for up to two years while it negotiates a new relationship with the EU. 

24 June 2016


London Repair Garage found to infringe BMW’s Trade Mark Rights

The well-known German car manufacturer, BMW, brought successful trade mark infringement proceedings against an independent car repair garage, based in North West London. Technosport London Ltd. (“TLL”), serviced and repaired all makes of car, but specialised in BMWs (advertising themselves as “The BMW Specialists”). 

23 June 2016

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