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Data Protection and Beyond

Data Protection

Data Protection and Beyond

After four years of negotiations and lobbying, the text of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was finally agreed in December 2015 and the Regulation will take direct effect in EU Member States on 25 May 2018.... 

18 January 2017


ASA Ruling: Platinum Gaming Ltd (trading as Unibet)

The Advertising Standards Authority (“ASA”) has rejected a complaint raised against Platinum Gaming Ltd (trading as Unibet) (“Unibet”) in respect of various adverts that it was claimed could be deemed misleading and/or irresponsible.

12 January 2017

Data Protection

GDPR and the Retail Industry Webinar

Session 4 in our GDPR readiness series. In this webinar, Emily Dorotheou, Sven Schonhofen and Katie Nagy de Nagybaczon of Olswang consider the data compliance risks for retailers throughout the lifecycle of a consumer transaction. The session considers the current position under the Data Protection Directive and Privacy and E Communications Directive, and the changes to come under the new General Data Protection Regulation...

01 December 2016

Data Protection

Data Guidance: Thought leaders in privacy

In this interview, Olswang Partner Andreas Splittgerber provides an overview of developments in Germany's data protection sector, including enforcement trends, during the past year. 

30 November 2016


CS:GO Insights: An Exclusive Interview with’s Alasdair Lamb

If you’re not a part of the online generation then you might not know what eSports are, but the chances are that you’ll have heard the term. A contraction of the words “electronic sports,” eSports have become a global phenomenon over the last decade and, more importantly, changed the face of gaming.

Back in the seventies and eighties, computer games were simple affairs with simple objectives. For anyone lucky enough to have a home console, personal glory was the goal. For those using their pocket money to play Pac-Man in a local arcade, achieving a score good enough for the leaderboard was the dream...

To read the full article, which was originally published on 04 November 2016 on, click here.

07 November 2016

Data Protection

'GDPR and Jurisdictional Issues'

Our recent webinar 'GDPR and Jurisdictional Issues' focused on the current jurisdictional landscape under the Directive...

20 October 2016


Trade marking single letters – Fashion brands fight over P & G

The EU General Court has issued three decisions this week relating to stylised trade marks incorporating letters owned by fashion brands.  The decisions provide interesting examples of how registrations of stylised letters are perceived and the breadth of the protection they afford.

14 October 2016

Data Protection

EU-US Privacy Shield: What you need to know

The EU-US Privacy Shield is a replacement arrangement for the previous Safe Harbour Agreement which was held to be invalid in 2015. In February 2016, the European Commission and the United States Government reached a political agreement on this new framework which provides a mechanism to enable the transfer of personal data from entities in the European Union to the US. It is intended to provide a robust new system to protect the personal data of Europeans through safeguards and commitments deemed to be adequate from a European data protection regulatory perspective...

05 October 2016

Data Protection

The Olswang Guide to GDPR

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take direct effect in EU Member States on 25 May 2018. It will replace, and to a large extent harmonise, current national rules which transpose the current EU Data Protection Directive (DPD). Local data protection laws will fill remaining gaps. Time is ticking for organisations to get ready for GDPR...

05 October 2016

Olswang on the Digital Single Market

Digital Media

Olswang on the Digital Single Market

The EU's Digital Single Market ("DSM") initiative has been a major policy focus of the EU Commission installed in 2014. The DSM package aggregates a wide range of policy areas, including e-commerce, physical delivery services, copyright law, VAT, telecoms infrastructure, mobile roaming, data regulation and digital skills, with the aim of increasing employment and stimulating economic growth in the EU...

19 September 2016

Full steam ahead for the Commission and its modernisation of EU Copyright Law


Full steam ahead for the Commission and its modernisation of EU Copyright Law

After a quiet summer (Brexit aside...) we have now seen the publication of some further strands in the Commission's Digital Single Market strategy – including the proposed Copyright Directive and a draft Regulation following the Commission's review of the Satellite and Cable Directive ("CabSat Directive"). Leaked versions of both were published earlier this month with the official drafts announced yesterday. There are few changes from the leaked versions – and no real changes to the fundamental principles (except perhaps the recognition in the CabSat Regulation that rights-holders might be female as well as male!) - but we have flagged the key amendments below for readers of our previous note.

07 September 2016

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