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Brexit and international television: TBI podcast

What does the British vote to leave the European Union mean for international television markets? Victoria Gaskell joins Television Business International on its latest TBI Podcast...

18 July 2016

The General Data Protection Regulation and what it means for the gambling industry

If the gambling industry didn’t have enough to be worried about in the current regulatory climate, with the ever increasing focus on AML and new LCCP requirements and consultations being announced on a seemingly monthly basis, it now needs to prepare itself for the new General Data Protection Regulation which will take effect from 25 May 2018.  

13 July 2016

Developments in Directors’ Duties under English Law

In the wake of large-scale financial disruption, it is usual to anticipate that the volume of litigation involving directors will increase. Legislation may be expected to be strengthened with the aim of holding directors more accountable for the consequences of corporate failure.

Alicia Videon and Louise Bell address the extent to which this occurred in the wake of 2008 and the extent to which it may continue to change in the uncertain economic times we face eight years later, outlining the potential implications for directors.

12 July 2016


Brexit's impact on the media industry: BBC Radio 4 - The Media Show

News of Brexit has created uncertainty in the media industry. The financial repercussions began immediately after the vote, with stocks in the media sector falling further than the wider market on Friday. Analysts predict that advertising and marketing budgets will undoubtedly be cut if there's an economic slowdown. There's also concern that changing current EU broadcasting regulations, which experts say makes doing business easier, will no longer apply. BBC's Steve Hewlett was joined by John Enser...

06 July 2016

Real Estate

After the Vote: What will Brexit mean for real estate in the UK?

The British people's choice to leave the European Union has come as a big shock to many in the property industry. With some notable exceptions, most property people appeared to favour the status quo of remaining in the EU, warts and all. The biggest motivation was the uncertainty of the consequences of leaving for the property market. How many international occupiers would up sticks and head to the EU hubs of Paris or Frankfurt? What impact would Brexit have on property values? 

28 June 2016

Olswang on Brexit


Olswang on Brexit

With the UK voting 52% to 48% in favour of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, we face a period of unprecedented commercial and legal uncertainty. In this series of articles, Olswang considers some of the practical contingency planning that companies might consider at this time....

24 June 2016


Connected cars and other challenges in the EU IoT privacy ecosystem

With the fast-moving nature of automotive technology, there is no doubt that automotive transport is soon set to become very different. Connecting cars to the internet creates an opportunity for several new business models fed by thousands of apps and data flows, and autonomous connected cars will allow drivers to use the internet in a self-driving car in the same way as they would at home or at work. The use of data collected by machine learning algorithms allows these cars to deliver a personalised customer experience to drivers and passengers, however this creates privacy issues in relation to personal data usage, and the only way for the Internet of Things (IoT) to reach its full potential for innovation is by building consumer trust.

13 June 2016


50 shades of network sharing

While today’s digital world continues to evolve and the pace at which we embrace the changes in how communication services are consumed remains rapid, the underlying fundamentals have not changed. The core asset is still the network; it is the competitive advantage. Infrastructure remains essential for delivery, and network differentiation can mean the difference between business success and failure...

03 June 2016

Geo-blocking and portability – an update for the audio-visual sector

Digital Single Market

Geo-blocking and portability – an update for the audio-visual sector

The media sector will be pleased to hear that audio-visual content services are excluded entirely from the scope of the draft Geo-blocking Regulation that was published last week. The exclusion covers "audiovisual services, including cinematographic services, whatever their mode of production, distribution and transmission, and radio broadcasting"...

31 May 2016

Who owns the rights to José Mourinho's name?


Who owns the rights to José Mourinho's name?

In the world of football, one of this week's key announcements was that José Mourinho was named as Manchester United's new Manager. However, the official announcement of this appointment was delayed whilst concerns surrounding trade mark ownership were resolved...

27 May 2016


Employment status continues to deliver problems in today's flexible economy

Employment status is a perennial issue for businesses in the UK, and one that seems only to be getting more complicated with the rise of the so-called "gig economy". The shift in our ways of working shows no sign of slowing, and it has also recently been suggested that unscrupulous employers might seek to utilise self-employment status as a way of avoiding paying the new national living wage.

27 May 2016


Queen’s Speech 2016: advancing the digital economy

With the introduction of a legal right to high-speed broadband high on the UK government’s agenda, Olswang considers the key aspects of the Queen’s Speech relating to the telecoms sector...

26 May 2016

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