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Budget 2015 - Extension to film and TV tax credits

After praising the "huge" contribution of the creative industries to the British economy, George Osborne announced several measures in his 2015 Budget intended to provide a further boost to the UK's film and TV industries.

23 March 2015


Swiss-style Patent Claims, Skinny Labels and the NHS

In an interesting series of recent decisions, Justice Arnold has considered the scope of Swiss-style second medical use patent claims and the interplay of these with practices in the UK healthcare system, such as skinny label authorisations and generic prescriptions. 

06 March 2015


The Unified Patent System: what does industry think?

A unique group of global innovators and users of the European patent system have been working together for several months reviewing and suggesting solutions for the creation of an effective and balanced unitary patent system... 

03 March 2015

Trade mark

Overview of interim relief in trademark actions across Europe

With so many businesses operating across borders, the ability to obtain interim relief on a pan-European basis is an extremely powerful remedy. However, brand owners should consider shopping around for the most favourable forum.

25 February 2015


Industry standards - patently a good thing?

At first glance, patents and standards may seem contradictory. While patents define a temporary monopoly, standards aim to achieve collaboration and a level playing field. However, both patents and standards play an important role in fostering innovation: patent protection drives innovation by incentivizing investment in R&D and ensuring knowledge transfer - standards drive innovation by establishing interoperability between products and facilitating market adoption of new technologies.

24 February 2015

The Unified Patent System


The Unified Patent System

After over 40 years of debate and efforts to introduce a single patent and patent litigation system covering all EU Member States, the Unified Patent System signals a new era in cross-border patent protection and litigation...

20 February 2015


The Unitary Patent System – in detail

The Unitary Patent will be a new, single patent covering the 25 participating Member States and available as a designation on a granted European Patent...

11 February 2015

The Unified Patent System: UPC structure


The Unified Patent System: UPC structure

The UPC will consist of a court of first instance and an appellate court. The Court of First Instance will comprise a Central Division, split between Paris, London and Munich (depending on technical subject-matter), plus local and regional divisions. The local and regional divisions will hear infringement claims, whereas the Central Division will hear claims for revocation of a Unitary Patent.

11 February 2015


The Unified Patent System: risks and opportunities

To some, the very fact that a single court decision can have such far-reaching consequences is daunting. For example, one decision could lead to revocation of a patent in all 25 participating countries.

11 February 2015

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