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Olswang on the Digital Single Market

Digital Media

Olswang on the Digital Single Market

The EU's Digital Single Market ("DSM") initiative has been a major policy focus of the EU Commission installed in 2014. The DSM package aggregates a wide range of policy areas, including e-commerce, physical delivery services, copyright law, VAT, telecoms infrastructure, mobile roaming, data regulation and digital skills, with the aim of increasing employment and stimulating economic growth in the EU...

19 September 2016

Full steam ahead for the Commission and its modernisation of EU Copyright Law


Full steam ahead for the Commission and its modernisation of EU Copyright Law

After a quiet summer (Brexit aside...) we have now seen the publication of some further strands in the Commission's Digital Single Market strategy – including the proposed Copyright Directive and a draft Regulation following the Commission's review of the Satellite and Cable Directive ("CabSat Directive"). Leaked versions of both were published earlier this month with the official drafts announced yesterday. There are few changes from the leaked versions – and no real changes to the fundamental principles (except perhaps the recognition in the CabSat Regulation that rights-holders might be female as well as male!) - but we have flagged the key amendments below for readers of our previous note.

07 September 2016


Marketing under scrutiny

Gambling operators may feel that the regulatory spotlight rarely strays from their use of advertising, with adverts closely scrutinised and any missteps increasingly subject to regulatory action. Simultaneously, they face mounting pressure from the media and public to 'play by the rules'.  Perhaps the greatest area of contention – and the pitfall into which operators most frequently fall – is marketing that misleads the consumer.

23 August 2016


Home of the Espadrille!

It may be a little known fact that the “espadrille”, that popular summer shoe worn the world over, originated, not from Spain, but from the Basque country on the French side of the border.  A region aptly named "Soule" of which the main capital is Mauléon-Licharre. Global recognition of this fact, however, may be just around the corner as the Soule Espadrille Association of sandal-makers, created in 2000, has applied to the French Intellectual Property Office for protection of the geographical indication "ESPADRILLE DE MAULEON – MAULEKO ESPARTINA" (“Espadrille from Mauléon” in French and Basque) in relation to the manufacture of espadrilles.  Any interested parties have until 6 September 2016 to file observations with the French IP Office.

22 August 2016


Olswang on eSports: gambling under scrutiny

At the end of last year, we looked at the opportunities the eSports industry had to offer the gambling sector. Since then we've seen movement in this space as regulators put the industry under the spotlight and illegitimate betting websites come under fire. Will increased regulation prolong the life span of this fledging market, or mean 'game over' for the interplay between gambling and eSports?

04 August 2016

Olswang on eSports


Olswang on eSports

For the uninitiated, eSports is the term used for organised, competitive computer gaming. Much like traditional sports, players (often in teams) battle each other virtually (as opposed to on the pitch) for large cash prizes. For Olswang, eSports sits at the intersection of many of our core areas of expertise, including sports, media, advertising, technology, video games and gambling. In this series of articles, specialists from the Olswang team explore some of the industry’s potentially lucrative revenue streams and most interesting opportunities - and look at the legal and commercial questions that are still to be answered...

04 August 2016


eSports: A Unique Opportunity for Traditional Sport?

Traditional sport is dipping its toe into eSports. In June 2016, Valencia CF, one of Spain's biggest and most successful football clubs, announced its entry onto the scene by establishing its own eSports team that will reportedly be participating in competitive FIFA, Hearthstone, Rocket League and League of Legends over the course of the year. While the first of its kind in the La Liga, Valencia CF is not the first professional football team to secure eSports professionals on its roster. In May 2016, West Ham United announced the signing of its first official eSports player who will represent the club at all official eSports events wearing the club colours. Earlier still in 2015, VfL Wolfsburg became the first professional football team to enlist the services of a professional gamer among its ranks. Why have businesses built around traditional sport grown interested in the world of eSports?

25 July 2016


Brexit and international television: TBI podcast

What does the British vote to leave the European Union mean for international television markets? Victoria Gaskell joins Television Business International on its latest TBI Podcast...

18 July 2016

The General Data Protection Regulation and what it means for the gambling industry

If the gambling industry didn’t have enough to be worried about in the current regulatory climate, with the ever increasing focus on AML and new LCCP requirements and consultations being announced on a seemingly monthly basis, it now needs to prepare itself for the new General Data Protection Regulation which will take effect from 25 May 2018.  

13 July 2016

Developments in Directors’ Duties under English Law

In the wake of large-scale financial disruption, it is usual to anticipate that the volume of litigation involving directors will increase. Legislation may be expected to be strengthened with the aim of holding directors more accountable for the consequences of corporate failure.

Alicia Videon and Louise Bell address the extent to which this occurred in the wake of 2008 and the extent to which it may continue to change in the uncertain economic times we face eight years later, outlining the potential implications for directors.

12 July 2016

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