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Restructuring & Insolvency

Restructuring Bonds: Legal Issues Under English Law

With the volume of European bond and note issuances continuing to climb, a focus is returning to the issues that arise in restructuring such debt. A significant body of English case law developed following the economic downturn in the early 2000s and again following 2008, which is directly relevant in this context. There have been recent legal developments both within and outside the high yield debt arena, including in the increasingly complex area of cross-border insolvency.

03 July 2015

Real Estate

Victim of Fraud

The removal of a forged charge from a registered title may entitle the lender to an indemnity from the Land Registry.

26 June 2015

Telecom Infrastructure Sharing - A Guide to the EU

Olswang has teamed up with some of the leading telecoms law firms in all 28 jurisdictions of the EU to provide a starting point for any telcos looking at the opportunities network sharing presents across Europe.

18 June 2015

European Venture Capital

European Venture Capital Report 2015

Olswang is pleased to present the second edition of the Olswang European Venture Capital Report. In this issue, we provide the global entrepreneurial and venture capital (VC) communities with an overview of trends in European venture capital investment in the first quarter of 2015 and fundraising in 2014.

17 June 2015

Trade Marks

Changes to the Community Trade Mark

Last week the Commission published the amendments agreed with the Council and EU Parliament for changes to the Trade Marks Directive (89/104) and the Community Trade Mark Regulation (40/94). While the majority of the changes will take effect in 90 days others require implementing legislation from member states and so will not bite for between 3-7 years. There are multiple changes which will impact brand owners worldwide...

16 June 2015

Real Estate

Changes to RICS Code of Measuring Practice for offices from 1 January 2016

The 6th edition of the RICS's Code of Measuring Practice has been around since 2007. It is often referred to in property documentation in the context of a definition of "Gross External Area" or "Gross Internal Area" or "Net Internal Area". The Code applies to office, residential, industrial, retail and mixed use.

08 June 2015


Olswang Germany Media Newsletter May 2015

This is our monthly Media Newsletter produced by our German office. It covers the latest legal and regulatory developments in the media sector across both Germany and Europe.

29 May 2015

The Commission’s Digital Single Market proposals

On 6 May 2015, the EU Commission published its much heralded and long-awaited Digital Single Market ("DSM") strategy document. The strategy is an aggregation of many different policy areas under a united banner of creating a digital single market in order to expand jobs and stimulate growth. The badge of DSM exists at least in part as an excuse to justify the EU Commission's competence (over that of member state governments) to take on the issues discussed - "single market" issues being clearly in the Commission's competence. The paper is also political in scope: there is a view that the Commission wishes to persuade Europe's citizens that it is delivering results for them, in order to stem the rise of anti-Europe parties in many EU Member States.

07 May 2015

A Digital Single Market for telecoms: Ambitious telecoms reform - Agree or Disagree?


A Digital Single Market for telecoms: Ambitious telecoms reform - Agree or Disagree?

It has been over 18 months since the European Commission first adopted a new package of measures intended to complete the telecoms single market and deliver a "Connected Continent" (click here for Olswang's article on the original proposals). However a number of factors, including Commission elections and a revisiting of priorities of the new team in charge, mean that the proposals have been slow in moving forward ever since. In reality it wasn't really until December 2014 when the Commission published its work programme for media and telecoms that we knew for sure that the themes of a Connected Continent were still a key priority, albeit now part of a much wider debate on the creation of a Digital Single Market.

06 May 2015

Focus on...adtech

Focus on...adtech

Adtech is the technology of advertising and refers to all technologies, software and services used for delivering, controlling and targeting online ads. This market sits at the convergence of the technology, media and telecoms sectors. Rapid growth is driving activity at startup level and larger businesses looking to enter...

30 April 2015

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