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From net neutrality to copyright: media law trends for 2015

2015 looks set to be another year of important developments in media law. This piece highlights some of the key areas for media professionals to monitor. One obvious subject that isn't included here is data protection. It's so vast and important that The Guardian is devoting an entire article to it later this month.

12 December 2014

Medialawcamp 2014 - Berlin

Social Media

Medialawcamp 2014 - Berlin

Our #medialawcamp on 7 November 2014 in Berlin focused on social media and the marketing, user and legal issues that come with it. Together with experts and representatives from different sectors, attendees discussed upcoming trends and daily challenges in marketing communication. 

08 December 2014

Real Estate

Rights to light reform - a new dawn

Balancing the important need to stimulate property development and yet protect citizens' rights to light to their properties remains a challenge to the property industry and lawmakers. The Law Commission has published its report (dated 4 December 2014) on this controversial topic. Its proposals achieve a considerably greater degree of certainty for developers and property owners alike as to when an injunction will be granted to prevent a development or require its removal. The procrastination of some property owners in pursuit of a higher ransom for releasing their rights (as exemplified by the Heaney case) will be mitigated by the Law Commission's new procedure, which cuts to the chase in requiring property owners to confirm whether they will pursue an injunction remedy.

04 December 2014

How can vloggers ensure that advertising content is not misleading?

The ASA has recently ruled that a video paid for by the Oreos brand featuring YouTube stars broke advertising rules, as it was not obvious that the video had been paid for - even though the advertisers had taken steps to make this clear to viewers.  

02 December 2014

Internet of Things

Privacy and Security in the Internet of Things: challenge or opportunity?

In this article, Blanca Escribano, TMT Partner at Olswang Spain LLP, considers the key privacy and security challenges posed by a connected world, and analyses the latest best practice for suppliers - from device manufacturers through to app developers and providers of operating systems. 

28 November 2014


Olswang Germany Media Newsletter November 2014

This is our monthly Media Newsletter produced by our German office. It covers the latest legal and regulatory developments in the media sector across both Germany and Europe. 

11 November 2014

Real Estate

No abuse of process

Borrower fails to prove lender's possession proceedings were for improper purposes.

10 November 2014

Real Estate

Taxing Matter

A sale contract must clearly state if VAT is payable on the price.

10 November 2014

Real Estate

Rates exposure

A landlord was liable for rates following tenant disclaimer.


10 November 2014

Real Estate

No Guarantee

Registration at the Land Registry does not always guarantee a person's title.

10 November 2014

Real Estate

Ratings Defeat

The courts are likely to be strict in determining whether a ratepayer qualifies for an exemption from paying unoccupied rates.


10 November 2014


British Gambling Commission changes position on advertising offences

British sports clubs and the gambling operators who target markets outside Great Britain by sponsoring them will welcome the Gambling Commission's amended position on whether or not operators not licensed by the Commission can advertise their facilities here.

05 November 2014

Gambling advertising

Advertising Standards Authority publishes gambling advertising review findings

At the end of October, the Advertising Standards Authority (the "ASA") published the findings of its review of gambling advertising. The review forms part of the wider consultation into gambling advertising instigated by DCMS in April 2014. The ASA's review concluded that the general public are largely satisfied with the way gambling advertisements are regulated and the ASA's decision making in handling complaints has been in line with public opinion. It did, however, identify certain areas as requiring further consideration.

05 November 2014

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