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When can a company operate under another’s licence?

The Gambling Commission has released an Information Note which provides some clarity on the circumstances in which a company that offers facilities for betting and/or gaming, can operate under another's licence.

09 April 2014


Increased regulatory burden for software providers

The Commission's position in relation to software providers who will need to be licensed when the new Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Bill comes in force will be set out in the third part of its response to the consultation on the new LCCPs, which is not expected to be published until late April/early May.

08 April 2014


Management deals for restaurant management teams

One of the consequences of the growth in the size of restaurant groups following the early success of concepts like Pizza Express, Wagamama and Cafe Rouge for instance was that the casual dining sector registered on the radar of the private equity ("PE") industry and the rest is history. This has led to the growth in incentivised, PE backed management teams whose job it is to roll out concepts on behalf of their PE lords and masters to enable the PE house to exit in due course at a healthy multiple, delivering significant capital growth to all involved.

28 March 2014

A guide to doing business in the UK

Olswang guide

A guide to doing business in the UK

We have published the latest edition of our annual 'A Guide to Doing Business in the UK'. This guide outlines some of the principal issues which will affect an overseas business organisation carrying on business in the UK. It discusses methods for establishing a business presence and goes on to review the issues that can affect a business as it grows. The guide finishes with a review of exit strategies for the overseas investor: a sale or float.

28 March 2014


Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery

Distress is an invaluable and frequently used remedy for the recovery of arrears. Its replacement by commercial rent arrears recovery ("CRAR") from 6 April 2014 causes a significant problem for landlords. The requirement with CRAR to serve prior notice gives tenants an opportunity to put goods out of landlords' reach and undermines the remedy. Whilst seeking to protect tenants' human rights and create a more level playing field between landlord and tenant, many landlords will perceive that CRAR has gone too far in helping tenants. The changes also weaken a superior landlord's right to recover rent from sub-tenants, if a tenant of the superior landlord is in arrears.

27 March 2014

UK Residential Tax Charges Revisited

An article explaining UK residential tax changes including an explanation of SDLT, capital gains and the annual tax charge for residential proprties over £2 billion.

18 March 2014

Window of Opportunity: Office to Residential Conversions

On 30 May 2013, the Government introduced a new Permitted Development Rights Order ("the Order"). The polemic surrounding the Order's relaxation of the requirement to obtain planning permission for conversion of office space into residential housing (namely automatic rights to change use from Class B1(a) to Class C3) shows no signs of abating.

11 March 2014

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