Convergence report

In the sixth Olswang Convergence Report, we ask "Does it add up"? We question whether convergence delivers truly incremental value to those whose traditional revenue streams are threatened by new forms of distribution and technology.  

Are we finally on the verge of a tipping point which will lead to a fundamental shift to internet protocol-based exploitation of, in particular, audio-visual content, or does it remain a distant prospect?

Although the promise of convergence now seems within reach, the revolution in consumer behaviour which will fundamentally disrupt established media distribution business models is likely to arrive more slowly than some are predicting. We believe, however, that convergence offers service providers an opportunity to develop platforms which combine multiple delivery methods (in a way which is invisible to consumers) to ensure a higher quality and more satisfying consumer experience.

It is important to develop services which appeal to early adopters, as their word-of-mouth endorsement - particularly via social media - is important to the widespread take-up of products.  The challenge is to meet the high expectations of these advanced end users without sacrificing the ease of use demanded by the mainstream.

Since its launch in 2005, the Olswang Convergence Survey has been tracking and analysing the effects of convergence on consumers and on industry. 

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