Who owns the rights to José Mourinho's name?

Who owns the rights to José Mourinho's name?

In the world of football, one of this week's key announcements was that José Mourinho was named as Manchester United's new Manager. However, the official announcement of this appointment was delayed whilst concerns surrounding trade mark ownership were resolved...


German Motion Picture Fund

With effect from January 2016, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy established the German Motion Picture Fund (“GMPF”), a new incentive scheme to strengthen the German film industry...

Film & TV

Film and TV in Malaysia The Opportunity for Productions

The “Film in Malaysia Incentive” (FIMI) is the Malaysian Government’s incentive for film, television and other screen production activity conducted in Malaysia and is intended to encourage support for the Malaysian content production industry...


television tax relief

UK Tax Relief for Television

On 1 April 2013, the Government introduced tax reliefs for high end television programmes and animated television programmes. From 1st April 2015 the reliefs have been extended to children’s programming, the minimum UK expenditure requirement has been reduced to 10% and a proposal has been made to modernise the cultural test...

Guest Posts


Film and TV in Malaysia: Olswang's Matt Pollins provides an overview of the opportunities for producers https://t.co/UZzv8379qO