Data Protection

Tangible vs intangible: can a lien exist over electronic data?

It is settled law that a person who lawfully holds the property of another for the purpose of doing work to it can exercise a possessory lien over that property in respect of an unpaid debt.  This article looks at the case of Your Response Limited v Datateam Business Media Limited [2014] EWCA Civ 281.


The game continues: acquisitions and expansions in the digital world

It is the dream of many technology startups for their software to be sold to cash-rich companies or to go public at a huge premium for the founders. The latter is often a difficult path, as few technology companies generate sufficient stable revenue or are sufficiently well-known to consumers to warrant encouraging responses to a public offering. This is particularly true for those which operate back-end technology that consumers may not be aware of.


An Olswang Guide to the new gambling licensing regime in Great Britain

When the Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Bill comes into force, remote operators not previously required to hold a licence in Great Britain will need to apply to the Gambling Commission for licences in order to continue to offer their services to customers in Great Britain.  This guide sets out the proposed changes to UK gambling legislation (as they are set out in the draft published on 28 November 2013 and the amendment published on 19 March 2014) and to the process for becoming a Gambling Commission licensed operator as known at 10 April 2014.

investment funds


This article explores the investment trends in 2014.



This article explores crowdfunding in four jurisdictions.