Real Estate

Victim of Fraud

The removal of a forged charge from a registered title may entitle the lender to an indemnity from the Land Registry.


Case C-215/14 Societe des Produits Nestle SA v Cadbury UK Limited

Often, where time-limited intellectual property rights expire, companies keen to retain the monopoly on that aspect of their products or services will seek trade mark protection to extend that protection.  A notable example is in the case of shape marks, which are often more suitably protected by registered designs but these can only confer a maximum of 25 years protection. The perpetual protection offered by a trade mark is an attractive option, which, if obtained, affords the trade mark proprietor a monopoly and the ultimate advantage over their competitors.

Telecom Infrastructure Sharing - A Guide to the EU

Olswang has teamed up with some of the leading telecoms law firms in all 28 jurisdictions of the EU to provide a starting point for any telcos looking at the opportunities network sharing presents across Europe.

European Venture Capital

European Venture Capital Report 2015

Olswang is pleased to present the second edition of the Olswang European Venture Capital Report. In this issue, we provide the global entrepreneurial and venture capital (VC) communities with an overview of trends in European venture capital investment in the first quarter of 2015 and fundraising in 2014.

Trade Marks

Changes to the Community Trade Mark

Last week the Commission published the amendments agreed with the Council and EU Parliament for changes to the Trade Marks Directive (89/104) and the Community Trade Mark Regulation (40/94). While the majority of the changes will take effect in 90 days others require implementing legislation from member states and so will not bite for between 3-7 years. There are multiple changes which will impact brand owners worldwide...