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UK government consults on the implementation of the EU Damages Directive

On 28 January 2016 the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills published a consultation seeking stakeholders’ views on the implementation of the EU Damages Directive into law in the United Kingdom.  The Directive harmonises certain private enforcement procedures across the European Union, facilitating claims for compensation brought by those which have suffered losses at the hands of those businesses which have been found to have infringed competition law.


Scope of CTM Specifications under the EU Trade Mark Reforms

Following the widely reported CJEU decision in the IP Translator case (Case C-307/10), trade mark applicants must identify the goods and services with ‘sufficient clarity and precision’ such that it is possible, on that sole basis, to determine the scope of protection. 


How would your company treat Lili Elbe (the Danish Girl)? - Protection and support for transgender staff

With the Danish Girl receiving plaudits, Caitlyn Jenner (American television personality and retired Olympian) attracting significant media attention, the public transition of Kellie Maloney (the boxing promoter) hitting the headlines and a top private school announcing that it is changing its traditional uniform to allow transgender pupils to be themselves, the public focus on the issues faced by transgender people has gradually increased

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