Further clarification of the Gambling Commission's position on virtual currencies, eSports and social gaming

Last month the Gambling Commission published a position paper on virtual currencies, eSports and social casino gaming. This follows a consultation undertaken in late 2016 which included the publication of a discussion paper to promote debate on a number of issues emerging from the development of interactive entertainment products, particularly video games.  You can find our comments on this discussion paper here.

Commercial Litigation

Supreme Court rules that challenge to enforcement of foreign arbitral award cannot be conditional on payment of security

In IPCO (Nigeria) Ltd v Nigeria National Petroleum Corp [2017] UKSC 16, the Supreme Court held that the Court of Appeal had been incorrect to require the appellant to provide security of $100 million under section 103 of the Arbitration Act 1996 in respect of its challenge to enforcement in the English courts of a Nigerian arbitral award which had been obtained against it.  

Government opens consultation on overseas EuroMillions betting

This month, the Government launched a consultation on prohibiting betting on the outcome of non-UK versions of the EuroMillions, citing fears that the lines between the National Lottery and betting are becoming blurred, leading to confusion amongst customers and a potential threat to funds raised for good causes.



Levy reform, the Government publishes the draft statutory instrument

On Wednesday the Government issued the draft statutory instrument it proposes to bring in reform of the horserace betting levy.  This is ostensibly to extend the levy to remote gambling operators situated outside Great Britain but they have, as anticipated, taken the opportunity (and on what we see as a questionable legal basis) to make some significant alterations to the general levy structure.