Details of remote gaming duty charge on "freeplays"

As expected, HMRC has published its response to the consultation on the remote gaming duty (“RGD”) treatment of “freeplays”.  You can find it here.  It has also published draft legislation (as part of the draft Finance Bill 2017) imposing the new RGD charge on freeplays, which has been amended as a result of the consultation (the original consultation had included draft legislation).  You can find the draft Finance Bill here (see section 48, which amends the relevant provisions of Finance Act 2014).

Data Protection

Data Guidance: Thought leaders in privacy

In this interview, Olswang Partner Andreas Splittgerber provides an overview of developments in Germany's data protection sector, including enforcement trends, during the past year. 

Real Estate Finance

Important 2016 Update to industry standard Certificate of title

The well-known Certificate of title, produced by the City of London Law Society's Land Law committee (Committee), has recently been updated. While the 2016 Update is not a substantive overhaul, there have been some important changes especially in the reliance provisions.

Gambling industry hit by tsunami!


Gambling companies in the UK are being hit by a tsunami of regulatory intervention and it doesn't look like the industry will be out of the waves anytime soon.