Wearables: tech is the new black

Wearables: tech is the new black

Although in its infancy, wearable technology is a rapidly growing area of innovation. As the wearable tech sector grows, it promises to revolutionise marketing, retail, fitness and healthcare. What can we expect from wearable tech next?

Data Protection

The Olswang Cyber Alert October 2014

Welcome to the second edition of Olswang's Cyber Alert, a regular round up of regulation, best practice and news from our international cyber breach and crisis management team.


Patent Marking

Some countries, including the UK and the USA, have provisions that restrict the recovery of damages from an infringer of a patent if the infringer can show that they were unaware of the existence of the patent. While these provisions can be difficult for larger companies with their own R&D departments to rely on, some smaller entities may be able to make use of this defence.