Restructuring & Insolvency

Restructuring Bonds: Legal Issues Under English Law

With the volume of European bond and note issuances continuing to climb, a focus is returning to the issues that arise in restructuring such debt. A significant body of English case law developed following the economic downturn in the early 2000s and again following 2008, which is directly relevant in this context. There have been recent legal developments both within and outside the high yield debt arena, including in the increasingly complex area of cross-border insolvency.

Arbitral confidentiality and the right to protect legitimate interest

What happens if you are a law firm acting for party A in an arbitration and, as a result of actions undertaken by you in that capacity, party B to the arbitration brings an action against you in the High Court?  Was party B entitled to do so?  Do the proceedings themselves constitute a breach of the principle of confidentiality?  Can you submit a defence without yourself breaching arbitral confidentiality?  These questions have recently been addressed in the High Court decision in Sarah Lynette Webb v Lewis Silkin LLP [2015] EWHC 687 (Ch).

Cyber security

Cyber Alert July 2015

Welcome to the latest edition of Olswang's Cyber Alert, a regular round up of regulation, best practice and news from our international cyber breach and crisis management team.


Harmonisation of EU online gambling regulation

There remains a varied and fragmented approach to the regulation of online gambling across EU Member States and while an increasing number of EU countries are individually reviewing their gambling laws, the challenges faced by both consumers and operators cannot be resolved by individual countries acting alone.  There remains scope for a pan-European review of online gambling regulation given the industry's inherent cross-border nature, with consumers opting to use sites outside of their national borders, although the trend has instead been for increasing individual country regulation.