What IT providers must learn from the air traffic shutdown

The connection might not seem obvious at first, but the recent trouble experienced by the UK's national air traffic service (NATS) is a timely reminder that commercial providers of IT services need to think carefully about ways to manage their exposure in the event of service interruptions.

Mobile messaging services - what's the evidence?

Over the last decade, the labour courts have had to keep pace with technological developments in the workplace when determining the admissibility of evidence.  We consider below the attitude of the courts in Spain, France, Germany and the UK to the admissibility of conversations between employees using mobile messaging services.

Life Sciences

European Commission’s fifth patent settlement monitoring report brings little comfort for pharmaceutical sector

The European Commission's fifth patent settlement monitoring report was published on 5 December 2014 (see here) receiving a seasonally frosty reception from the pharmaceutical sector. After five rounds of monitoring, a lengthy sector inquiry and several investigations, the position of patent settlements under EU competition law seems ever more opaque, leaving settling parties without the comfort of legal certainty.

From net neutrality to copyright: media law trends for 2015

2015 looks set to be another year of important developments in media law. This piece highlights some of the key areas for media professionals to monitor. One obvious subject that isn't included here is data protection. It's so vast and important that The Guardian is devoting an entire article to it later this month.