The slow path to levy reform


We are still awaiting a formal update from the UK Government concerning its proposals for the reform of the Horserace Betting Levy after its brief announcement in the spring (see here for our analysis then).  However, since the spring the following significant events in relation to levy reform have occurred.


Data Protection

Data Protection and Beyond

After four years of negotiations and lobbying, the text of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was finally agreed in December 2015 and the Regulation will take direct effect in EU Member States on 25 May 2018.... 


CMA investigates online gambling industry for consumer law compliance

The Competition and Markets Authority (“CMA”) has announced that it is launching an investigation into online gambling operators amidst fears of consumer law breaches. The investigation will form part of a joint programme of work with the Gambling Commission (the “Commission”), following in the wake of concerns raised by the Commission earlier this year surrounding the fairness of licensees’ consumer-facing terms.

Data Protection

'GDPR and Jurisdictional Issues'

Our recent webinar 'GDPR and Jurisdictional Issues' focused on the current jurisdictional landscape under the Directive...